Rewriting Title of Cat in the Hat

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Tue Jul 3 18:44:47 UTC 2007

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July 3, 2007

Cherie -
Regarding the title. Can you write it again with the facial  
expressions you used for placing the hat on the head and then lifting  
it? You seemed to press the lips together with a hidden smile, and  
there looks like maybe some air in the cheeks? And maybe a little  
body movement? And what are the eyebrows doing? Are they important to  
ASL grammar?

The title is so important to be pleasant and appealing so that  
readers want to read it, plus it needs to be clearly a title so you  
can differentiate it from the rest of the document. Maybe the sign  
for QUOTE in the front of the title?(...even though you did not sign  
it on the video..). Like some of our other documents?

The fingerspelling part...I realize you mouthed the words...I  
personally do not care about the fingerspelling part of the title and  
if I were the only editor (grin) I personally would only use the  
whole ASL signs for the title and forget the fingerspelling of Cat in  
the Hat...of course "by Dr. Seuss" has to remain in fingerspelling I  

And the letter H in fingerspelling is usually written in a  
standardized way with the fingers pointing directly side...I know you  
signed it the way you wrote the question of writing  
standardized fingerspelling is something we need to discuss...maybe  
that doesn't matter?

Here is a screen capture of your current title:

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