Rewriting Title of Cat in the Hat

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Tue Jul 3 20:17:31 UTC 2007

On Jul 3, 2007, at 12:55 PM, CWren at wrote:
> [[The facial expression for putting on the hat, seems to be saying it
> is a BIG hat, is that correct?]]
> errr...  not intentionally.  I mean I wasn't consciously trying to  
> say that.  Sadly, a lot of what happens when I interpret happens  
> sort of automatically--- Like an auto-pilot.  I think its in part  
> because I've been interpreting for nearly 20 years now.  ::rueful  
> grin::

Cherie -
I think your facial expression is wonderful and it sure looks good to  

I was asking to learn myself ;-))

I do not know ASL very well. But I thought maybe there are some  
standard facial expressions that we could start writing in a standard  

And I believe the facial expression is a good one and needs to be  
written...the very fact that it is natural to you is the important  

What about lips pressed together in a tense way...I know you wrote a  
wrinkle on one side of the mouth...what about tense lips combined  
with that wrinkle?

It is like you are placing that Hat...and that "placement in space"  
seems to be accompanied by tense lips in least sometimes...

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