Rewriting Title of Cat in the Hat

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The second sign after the fingerspelling, the brim of the hat...  with the movement arrows, I would read that as the hands close in to the head, and end up on top of it.  That is a descriptive adjective, describing the brim as large flat and round, showing its placement in relation to the face.  The hands move into and out of that position, but it is that position that carries the meaning.  Does that make sense?

Happy Fourth to all!

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Hello Cherie and Stefan!
I certainly agree with Stefan that it is really a wonderful video  

I enjoy watching it so much!

And it is always interesting to get other people's feedback and I am  
glad to know that you feel there are tense lips, Stefan...thanks for  
telling us.

The Hat feels like a classifier because of the Tension Symbols that  
are placed near the handshapes, and when there is a tense "placing"  
in space with the hands, that is oftentimes coupled with a tense  
mouth it seems...

Anyway, here is how I personally would write the Title (see attached)...

After I rest I will try to transfer it into the ASL Literature as a  
separate document for records sake...

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