Rewriting Title of Cat in the Hat

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Wed Jul 4 19:50:42 UTC 2007

Hello Stefan and Cherie!

Thanks for your feedback, Stefan! Yes, we have a holiday today. I  
hope you are enjoying the day in Germany too ;-))

And your comments are welcome.... That is why I will place my editing- 
writing in a separate file so Cherie can do exactly as she wishes.  
Whatever Cherie decides in the end, with be the document we will  
print and publish. I am sure there will be several other opinions  
later when other editors have a chance to discuss it there  
will be a lot of final decisions later ;-))

This is only the beginning ;-)

Editing is always like this...people write things differently, and  
most of the time, the different ways of writing are all fine, just  
different interpretations of seeing the same movements...

I obviously misunderstood that sign...I thought it meant that she was  
putting a big hat on her it shows how I don't know  
ASL...and that would change the emphasis of the sign if the meaning  
is different...

So I wasn't trying to write the transition between signs...I was  
writing what I thought the sign really was...and the movement putting  
it on your head was a part of the sign in my interpretation...

I am hoping that the editing of documents in public like this, will  
slowly help the standardization of SignSpellings in different signed  
languages...So this is an important year for new publications like  

My parents just flew in from Florida today, and we just has a 4th of  
July lunch, sitting outside in the very very hot California sun...It  
is great to see them again!! They will be here until November, when  
they return to Florida.

Val ;-)

On Jul 4, 2007, at 10:18 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

> Hi Valerie, Cherie, list members ..
> Thanks for the information about July 4th ...
> well Valerie - I would  n o t   add the movement up and inside. It  
> is just
> as I understand Cherie's comment - the two hands - with the tense  
> symbol
> indicate perfectly the shape of this big head from side to side -
> and ok. it is as you said some years (!!) before - somehow the  
> hands have to
> get to the next postion but there is no movement symbol needed  
> because that
> would withdraw your attention from the first important message  
> ("look how
> big the hat looks like")
> So my opinion just the two hands with tension symbol far away to  
> the right
> and  left from the head and next symbols c-handshapes moving up  
> from above
> the head -
> What do you think Cherie?
> Stefan ;-)
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> July 4th, 2007
> Cherie Wren wrote:
>> The second sign after the fingerspelling, the brim of the hat...
>> with the movement arrows, I would read that as the hands close in
>> to the head, and end up on top of it.  That is a descriptive
>> adjective, describing the brim as large flat and round, showing its
>> placement in relation to the face.  The hands move into and out of
>> that position, but it is that position that carries the meaning.
>> Does that make sense?
>> cherie
>> Happy Fourth to all!
> Happy 4th of July to you too, Cherie!
> (Here in the United States we are celebrating our Independence Day,
> July 4th... ;-)
> So I assume the Cat in the Hat writing will take a vacation today ;-))
> But yes, your description above of the descriptive adjective makes
> perfect sense, and that was why I felt we needed the movement arrows
> showing that the hat is placed on the head. I am so glad you created
> a video, because it helps the editing process so much!!

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