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July 5, 2007

Dear SW List, Cherie, Stefan...

The sign for PLAY in Cat in the Hat 1, made me think about our  
Rotation Symbols once again. I am considering adding some new  
additional variations of Rotation Symbols in ISWA 2.0 (in the future,  
not immediately)... I am hoping it will solve some of the problems we  
have had with the Rotation Symbols in the past.

Actually Cherie, I believe you understand the Rotation Symbols fine  
now...and that is really great. But my question to myself is..."why  
are these symbols so confusing to people?" There has to be a reason  
and that is why I am thinking of this through...

Let me give you my thoughts in this message and one following, and  
then I would love to get your feedback...

In the attached diagram, Cherie's writing is Number 3. But I  
personally, if I were the writer, would have chosen Number 2. But  
neither of us are wrong...both do describe what is happening, but our  
two different ways of writing the rotation are based on two different  

Number 2 places focus on the ending position of the forearm parallel  
to the floor, and the feeling of the baby finger doing down-out, down- 

Number 3 focuses on the beginning position of the forearm parallel to  
the wall, and the feeling of thumbs toward chest and out...

So Number 3 doesn't seem to imply that the forearm ever goes down at  
all to become parallel to the floor...

This problem may be happening because we need a diagonal for the  
forearm? If the Rotation Symbols had a diagonal version, where the  
forearm is neither parallel to the floor or the wall but between the  
two, would that have been chosen to write this sign?

I will show you next message...I appreciate your feedback...Val ;-)

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