Rotation Symbols

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Fri Jul 6 14:29:33 UTC 2007

On Jul 6, 2007, at 4:31 AM, Tini Pel wrote:
> Hello Valerie and list,
> I have to agree with Stefan, it could become really complicated, to  
> many possibilities.
> I am still working with DOS. It is a wonderful system Valerie, so  
> easy to work with. With many thanks for that.
> Tini.

Hello Tini!
Great to hear from you ;-))

I am glad you are happily using SignWriter DOS. It works well for  
western signed languages, and since you are using ASL, that is perfect!

We would not be able to type Ethiopian Sign Language with SignWriter  
DOS however, because there was not a enough computer memory in  
SignWriter DOS, to add more symbols, so the ISWA does have its  
purpose too...It is an IPA of sorts, where we can list other  
handshapes and movement symbols that are used in a broader set of  
signed languages....

I hope you and Henk are doing well!

Val ;-)

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