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Fri Jul 6 17:45:26 UTC 2007

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July 6, 2007

Wonderful to have your feedback now, Adam!

I will go back to working on symbols now that you have some  
time...many thanks for this ;-))

When you say "timing symbol", I am pretty sure you mean "Tension  
Symbol"? These little symbols are called Tension Symbols, but are  
placed near other timing symbols in the the terms are  
confusing ;-)

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Adam wrote:
> Yay! The weekend is here, I can do some editing. :-)
> I was doing some looking at what has been written. Here are some of  
> my feedbacks/reactions.
> The timing symbol in TITLE confused me at first reading. But after  
> looking at it closer, I realized what it was for and that it was in  
> the best place. I just felt odd to me. So I looked at the spelling  
> of some other stories that use the same title opening. So that is  
> the suggestion that I wrote here. (I also did the same thing for  
> NONE later in the story.) I also changed the Hs in the title just  
> because it is more standardized to do it that way, but you can keep  
> it the way that you had it.
> I took the timing symbol in the brim of the hat because I didn't  
> feel that there was any real movement for the timing symbol to be  
> needed. That and the fact that for some reason having the timing  
> symbol right on the head seems bizarre.
> I changed the palm in SUNSHINE and OUTSIDE to be half black and  
> white because having it white didn't seem right.
> I played with the spelling of ALL-DAY, and found this to be easier  
> to read with what we have, of course. ;-)
> And I also changed the stems on COLD to single stem arrows.
> I do have to say that you facial expressions are very well written.  
> Makes it even more believable that it is a story. :-)
> Adam
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