wrist flex versus rotation

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Fri Jul 6 20:33:28 UTC 2007

Let's imagine you wanted to write the sign, Cherie, as a traveling  
Rotation, starting with the palm facing the chest and finishing with  
the palm facing the floor...

That would be similar to the sign for BAD, that also starts with the  
palm facing your body, and then travels down and finishes with the  
palm facing the floor...

The original way we wrote the sign for BAD is number 1 in this  
attached diagram...

Over time, we started adding Rotation Symbols to show the palm facing  
change, directly on top of the movement arrow going down. So we do  
have Traveling Rotations:

I sure hope this helps and I haven't confused you further...

The baby finger paints the curve of the rotation in these examples  

Val ;-)

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