wrist flex versus rotation

Adam Frost adam at FROSTVILLAGE.COM
Sat Jul 7 00:39:00 UTC 2007

This would be the top view, am I right?


On 7/6/07, Cherie Wren <cwterp at yahoo.com> wrote:
> The palm faces in to the body (with no change), but the fingertips rotate
> from horizontal to pointing down...  the movement, as I watch my arm signing
> it, is entirely in the forearm.
> cherie
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> On Jul 6, 2007, at 3:25 PM, Cherie Wren wrote:
> > When I write the sign YES, there is a palm facing change, but it is
> > a wrist flex.  Initially my palm is facing out, then my wrist bends
> > and my palm is now facing down, then repeat.  CAN can be signed
> > with just a wrist flex, although you will more often see it with a
> > larger downward movement, but there is palm facing change.  When I
> > sign this sign, which I gloss as WOW, the angle of the wrist is not
> > changing, it is at roughly a 90 degree angle to the forearm, that
> > angle stays roughly the same throughout.  I think of (thought of) a
> > wrist flex as a change in that angle between hand and forearm...A
> > rotation I saw as that angle staying the same, but the forearm
> > twisting.
> >
> > cherie
> Yes, that is correct. The sign for YES can be thought of as the back
> of the hand palm facing change, but it is a Wrist Flex none-the-
> less...you are right about that. So what i said before is not always
> true either!
> For me, these symbols are so easy that I obviously have trouble
> explaining them.
> And of course CAN can be a Wrist Flex as well. But both those signs
> do not Rotate at the forearm, as you said above...
> What are the palm facings of the beginning and ending position of the
> sign we were discussing from Cat in the Hat 2? I had seen that as a
> Wrist Flex, but if you feel it is a rotation, then what palm facing
> starts and what palm facing finishes?
> Val ;-)
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