Rotation Symbols

Jonathan duncanjonathan at YAHOO.CA
Mon Jul 9 02:40:42 UTC 2007

Valerie Sutton wrote:
> Hi Kelly Jo -
> Thanks for your opinion. It is good to know that people like things 
> the way they are. And of course more symbols is not the is 
> just more consistent as a whole, with the entire writing system...if 
> all the Movement Arrows had 8 rotations. The programming problems we 
> have with the Rotation Symbols can be fixed in some kind of special 
> programming without adding more symbols, I suppose. But adding the 
> basic 8 rotations would take away the need for special programming. 
> And I personally use the diagonal Rotation Symbols myself, and I have 
> missed it in the software over the years...
Hi Val,
    As a programmer I would prefer the extra symbols over having to add 
special programming.  It is much better to have the option to use the 
extra symbols or the special programming.  There are plenty things to 
program without doing extra programming a few more symbols will fix.  I 
don't think the ISWA should be dependant on special programming as this 
would hinder the adopting it.  If a programmer wants to do special 
programming, then he or she can just pretend that the extra symbols 
aren't there.  What are another thousand or two thousand more symbols to 
a set of thirty thousand.


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