wrist flex and rotation

CWren at DOE.K12.GA.US CWren at DOE.K12.GA.US
Mon Jul 9 12:18:55 UTC 2007

First off, sorry for dropping out of the conversation, it was a busy 
weekend.  My daughter went off to summer camp.  So I am catching up on 
things this morning.

I think I might finally be starting to get it, although I will have to 
think of it as an "I before E except after C (except in their, and... 
and... and...) rule; that is something you just memorize, even though it 
doesn't make sense (to ME ;-) logically.  IF my arms and hands were in a 
straight line parallel to the front wall, it would be a wrist flex, no 
doubt.  The problem comes in because my hands and arms are NOT in a 
straight line.   Same for DANCE.  If my arm and hand were in a straight 
line, it would be (in my admittedly warped logic ) a wrist flex.  So my 
solution is: ::drumroll::  to always look at the sign AS IF my arm and 
hand were in a straight line, then use the movement arrow that is 
appropriate.  As someone, I think Adam, said, its an anatomy thing.  If my 
wrist is flexed 90 degrees from the forearm, the wrist can't flex any more 
and still retain that angle.  I think this will work (in MY head anyway) 
if I think of it as the movement of the -hands-  is what is important; the 
angle they are in relation to the arm is more based on my width... 
::grin::  Or in the case of DANCE, how high my elbow would have to jut up 
to get that straight line....   I'm trying to root around in my head to 
see if there is any sign that might be an 'exception' but right now, I 
can't think of one.  Wait a minute... turning a doorknob--  how would you 
write that?

Cherie Wren
GSD Staff Interpreter
232 Perry Farm Rd
Cave Spring, GA 30124
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