wrist flex and rotation

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Mon Jul 9 16:47:36 UTC 2007

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July 9, 2007

On Jul 9, 2007, at 5:18 AM, CWren at doe.k12.ga.us wrote:
> So my solution is: ::drumroll::  to always look at the sign AS IF  
> my arm and hand were in a straight line, then use the movement  
> arrow that is appropriate.

Instead, I would ask myself:

1. Is the wrist locked or not?

That is the question.

2. If the hand-wrist-forearm are locked in one straight pole, like a  
rotisserie spigot, then use the Rotisserie Symbol (grin ;-)))

3. If your movement unlocks the wrist joint and some movement is from  
the wrist (even if there is other movement from the elbow joint  
too)...the MOMENT there is wrist movement involved with an "unlocked  
wrist"...that takes WRIST MOVEMENT symbols.

Val ;-)

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