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Hello Adam,

I don´t know how to get out of the emaillist - you´ve got a idea?



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I just tried something to combine both the idea of turning a doorknob and WOW. Go to a doorknob and try to turn it. Notice that your arm rotates as if it is on a Rotisserie Rod. Now try to turn the doorknob from the other side of the of the door with your wrist bent at a 90 degree angle. Hard isn't it? In fact, I found it impossible to succeed. The only way that I could do it was by having my elbow fly all over the place. Here is a video of what I mean. 


On 7/9/07, Adam Frost <adam at> wrote:
Here is a writing of the turning of a doorknob. I also did two videos. One from front view and the other from the side view. Notice that the hand is bend at the wrist at a 45 degree angle. This is why it still can use the rotation symbol. This is what Val was talking about. 


On 7/9/07, Valerie Sutton < signwriting at> wrote:
SignWriting List
July 9, 2007

SignWriting List
July 9, 2007

On Jul 9, 2007, at 5:18 AM, CWren at wrote:
> I'm trying to root around in my head to see if there is any sign
> that might be an 'exception' but right now, I can't think of one.
> Wait a minute... turning a doorknob--  how would you write that? 

Of course, people can turn doorknobs in different ways. So there may
be exceptions to this depending on one's anatomy...

But I personally write turning a doorknob as a Rotisserie Movement,
because even though the wrist may be flexed because the hand is 
holding the doorknob, the movement is not from the wrist joint (when
I do it anyway). The wrist joint when I do it, is locked in its
position, and the wrist joint itself remains solid, while the
Rotisserie Movement occurs... 

So if the Rotisserie pole is bent at the end, it is still a solid
pole, because the wrist is locked. The whole arm-wrist-hand as a
unit, rotates to turn the doorknob...

Val ;-)

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