Role shifting

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I have tried the quotes before, but felt it was too simplistic for ASL's complex quoting. But then again, that was when I wasn't writting vertically yet. Something to see. 


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On Jul 10, 2007, at 2:09 PM, Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> I should also add that because some of these facial expressions  
> that "spread" over a sequence of signs is predictable to users of a  
> sign language, it will become easily read. Until you are used to  
> it, it might require some "re-reading" initially. But I think over  
> time one would say, "Hey, a question is coming up or some other  
> commonly used feature is coming up." and then read it easily  
> because it is helping you predict what is coming. So that  
> linguistic knowledge that is available to a user of a sign language  
> will work alongside the movement writing to make it easy to read.

Sure. You probably are right. I will be interested to see how readers  
do with the Unit Lines, to see if they comprehend them well...

If so, I will need you to teach me exactly how you use them with  
vertical columns, because I had trouble writing them personally...

While you brought up the subject of writing questions, and knowing if  
a question is coming or not, we actually do have other alternatives  
that could be used, but I am not asking you to do anything, and we  
have never tested or used these at all...just a thought...

This could be a good research project for someone someday...

The other alternatives are the Question Mark punctuation symbols,  
that can be put at the beginning and end of a sentence...this also  
can warn you that the entire sentence is a question.

We also have Quote Symbols inside Period Symbols! I have no  
idea...has anyone ever used these?

Maybe in a few days I can show you how I thought they might be used...

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