Tipping the hat

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Agreed. No difference in meaning, but much easier to read - nothing to 


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>On Jul 11, 2007, at 11:17 AM, K.J. Boal wrote:
>>I don't know about the timing; I think it's okay . . . but I think  the 
>>arrows would look better if they were both hooked in the same  direction.  
>>Unless the bow travels from left to right as well as  back and forth?  To 
>>me, the end position of the "forward" arrow and  the beginning position of 
>>the "back" arrow are two different  positions as they're written.
>I believe you mean this?

><< Picture7.png >>

>This looks better, but it doesn't have any different meaning than  what 
>Cherie wrote. Those arrows can be written slightly bowed one way  or the 
>other, but they all mean a curve "straight forward"...
>There are diagonals for those symbols but they are slanted even more...
>So the above, or what Cherie wrote, writes the same thing....
>>Just one more comment, and I'm probably way off base here . . . I  feel 
>>like the shoulder movement in the "tip of the hat" actually  begins with 
>>the head; that it's more of an extra-large head nod  than a bow from the 
>>shoulders or waist.  I know I'd find the head  movement easier to read, 
>>too, since everything else is up on the  top of the head.  When I first 
>>looked at the sign, I didn't even  notice the shoulders (seriously! you 
>>were asking about the torso  movement and I had to specifically look for 
>>it!); but I know I'd  notice a head-nod arrow.  Like I say, I'm probably 
>>totally wrong so  feel free to correct me!
>Regarding tilting...
>There are three ways to write tilting...Torso Tilts from the waist,  Upper 
>Body Tilts from the hip, and Full-Body Tilts from the ankle joint.
>Cherie was writing a Torso Tilt, from the waist. I will look at the  video 
>later this evening ;-)
>Val ;-)

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