Using Private WebPuddles for Research

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Wed Jul 11 22:35:20 UTC 2007

SignWriting List
July 11, 2007

Dear SW List:
Today I had a great experience. A research group has a Private  
WebPuddle online. A private WebPuddle is exactly like the other  
public web puddles online, except that it is private specifically for  
one project...

The research group asked me to write 20 signs in the Expressive View  
for them, and then write the exact same signs in the Receptive View.  
Their research is interested in the fact that SignWriting can be  
written in both viewpoints ;-))

SignPuddle software works so well for that! I was able to enter their  
Private WebPuddle, and add the signs for them, and now they are  
accessing them...isn't that great?

Plus, creating the Receptive version of the Expressive sign was so  
easy. I just chose Copy Sign, and added it a second time into their  
SignPuddle. Then I re-wrote the second sign to become Receptive, by  
clicking on each symbol in SignMaker and reversing it with the Mirror  
Key, and changing the palm facing with the Fill Key and then moving  
some of the symbols down instead of up, etc...

It was so much fun and so much faster than using a Paint Program - ha!

And then, they also wanted to have all 40 signs as PNGs in a folder,  
so I right-clicked on each one of them, and placed them in a folder  
and sent it to them attached to an email...

THANK YOU to Steve, for making all this possible....

Val ;-)

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