multiple faces, changing eye gaze

CWren at DOE.K12.GA.US CWren at DOE.K12.GA.US
Thu Jul 12 18:19:31 UTC 2007

I can do editing, I just don't know how to make it look smooth...  I think 
I'll let you tackle that project.  I am trying to get as much writing done 
as I can today, because I leave tomorrow for a weeks vacation.  My husband 
is bringing his laptop, so I hope to keep in touch, but I doubt I will get 
much writing done...

There are other spots that could be edited out...  I'll give you more on 
that later?

OH, and yes those last two screens show the actual sign.

Cherie Wren
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Re: [sw-l] multiple faces, changing eye gaze

On Jul 12, 2007, at 10:48 AM, CWren at wrote:
> Yes and no...  ::grin::  I started out facing the wrong way, the 
> big turn in the beginning, hands outstretched, is me correcting so 
> that the right person is talking...  Once I am facing the right 
> way, then I finish the sign, which is the two '1' hands moving in 
> and bending.  The third and fourth photos are the actual sign, sans 
> screw up.  ::blush::

No problem! That is a very hard story to interpret is totally 
normal to have glitches in video production anyway ;-)

See attached...we can edit out the section that is not correct...may 
I do that here before I post the video on the web later? (once I get 
the signed contract from Seuss)

I will show it to you first, before we post. If there are other areas 
that need video editing, please tell me. Or do you want to do the 
video editing yourself?

Val ;-)

see attached...

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