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In Norwegian SL there are signs when we do need to write more than one face.

This one, meaning 'bun-in-the-oven' or 'pregnant, but not telling yet', has 
a tounge in the cheek while the index finger is coming brushing up behind 
the ear (the last part means 'foxy' or 'sneaky'). I tried writing the two 
faces on top of each other when I wrote horisontaly, but decided to write 
them beside each other with the simultanous arc now.


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>On Jul 12, 2007, at 6:28 AM, CWren at wrote:
>>Did I get the faces right?  I have been running with at least two  faces 
>>for a lot of this, usually I run them vertically, meaning  they are mostly 
>>simultaneous.  I was trying to differentiate the  sequence...  But I 
>>remember in Little Miss Muffett when the spider  comes down, I ran a 
>>vertical row of eyegazes....  Hmmm...  The  difference is that part of 
>>this is continuing throughout, part is  not.  I think that's why I felt 
>>the need to do the faces this way...
>This is a fascinating question, Cherie...
>The issue of Time and which direction does Time run in? ha!
>The question of what is "simultaneous in time" for it the  faces 
>that are vertically stacked or the faces that are horizontally  strung 
>I need a little time to think about these issues and will get back to  you 
>all...and maybe others on the List can tell us your thoughts  about this...
>Thanks for the question!

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