ISWA 1.0 and ISWA 2.0

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Wed Jul 18 18:02:06 UTC 2007

SignWriting List
July 18, 2007

Dear SW List members!
I have received several emails from different people asking for more  
handshapes from Malaysia and others have written about changes to  
finger circles and other movement symbols!

Thank you everyone for the input and it is all valuable ;-))

Here is what is happening:

The ISWA 1.0 will include:

1. New Handshapes
2. All handshapes will have white palms.
3. All white arrowheads will be consistently painted white.
4. A few new facial symbols and movement symbols might possibly be  
5. The graphic look of some of the circles might be improved...
6. and DanceWriting symbols, skateboards and axes will be taken out ;-)

But there will be no ID number all old documents should  
be still working and functioning no matter what...

Maybe someday there will be an ISWA 2.0...and that might improve some  
of the ID numbers. After the ISWA 1.0 is released and fully  
functional in SignPuddle, then we can talk about ISWA 2.0...

Just wanted to explain what is happening!

We are living in the most exciting time...when so many opportunities  
are presented to your ideas are always welcome for future  

So right now, if there are more handshapes needed, please tell  
me...other than new handshapes, I will not be able to do more for now...

Have a splendid day -

Val ;-)

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