Categorazition in SL

Honza honza at RUCE.CZ
Thu Mar 1 10:49:28 UTC 2007


this email is out of topic of sw-list, but sure there are people who can 
One of my friend need help in topic of Categorazition in SL. If you know 
about it anything, or know about someone who knows more, reply please 
(to me, or direct to her email: l.cvrcek at
thanks, Honza

original message:

Now I have finished Bachelor Studies of Deaf Studies and now I am 
writting diploma work for Master studies. I am writting topic about 
Categorazition in Czech Sign Language (Use signs for levels like basic, 
subordinate and superordinate levels). And I found this topic of ASL. 
And I am looking for BSL or any other SL too, but still cannot find. 
Would you know about this topic, please? Or does other research person 
of BSL (or other SL) can know about it??
Thank you for some words for find.
Have good day,

Lucie.(l.cvrcek at

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