Encyclopedia in American Sign Language

Pharos pharosofalexandria at GMAIL.COM
Sun Mar 11 20:27:45 UTC 2007

Hi, I'm Pharos on Wikipedia.  I don't have any special skill with
computer programming, sign languages or writing systems.  But I do
have some experience with Wikipedia, and I thought I could help a
little in the initial organization of an American Sign Language
Wikipedia.  Hence, my contacting of Valerie, etc.

I would encourage all folks on this mailing list to create accounts on
English Wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/ ) (or another language
Wikipedia, if you prefer) and Wikimedia Meta (
http://meta.wikimedia.org/ ).  Then, you can gain some experience with
how Wikipedia works, and be able to contribute to the proposal
discussion at Wikimedia Meta.  If you tell me what usernames you have
registered under, I'll try to follow your contributions and guide you
in how to use the wiki.  My English Wikipedia page is at User:Pharos .
 You can leave me comments there at User talk:Pharos .

Valerie raised the point that SignWriting can be used for many sign
languages, not just American Sign Language.  Of course there is one
Wikipedia per language, not per writing system.  American Sign
Language has been proposed first because it's probably the most likely
to attract contributors.  If the American Sign Language Wikipedia is a
success, Wikipedias in other signed languages are a possibility for
the future.


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