Handwriting of British Sign Language

Sandy Fleming sandy at SCOTSTEXT.ORG
Sun Mar 11 22:00:51 UTC 2007


Yes, it's for playing with ideas. I tend to write signs out in various
different ways to try to get new perspectives on how to store signs in
programming languages and how they might be most easily typed. It's a
bit of a conflict: on the one hand, I'd like to share those ideas so
that other people, particularly programmers, can think about things in
different ways, but on the other hand, I don't want to seem too serious
about it in case some people get the idea that I'm trying to challenge
other (and, for normal purposes, better) ways of writing.

I'm fairly sure aspects of grammar don't get lost in the linear writing
as I write it, because I always make sure that the more graphical style
can be reconstructed from the linear (and the other styles I experiment

I, too, prefer vertical, fully-visual writing, though I play with
different ways of doing that too!

Anyway, work hard, and we can talk later  :)


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