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YES!  This shows how eager children are to learn.  

Cherie Wren <cwterp at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
          Just an update on how the kids are doing at GSD.  We have had about 5 sessions total, and the kids are taking off with it!  I have one kid in particular that is always asking 'how do I write this', and 'what would the symbol for this be' type of questions. Others are also starting to write spontaneously in class.  The teachers are starting to get excited; where at first they were just grudgingly allowing us to take up some of their time, now they are eager for us to come.

Speaking of that one kid...  I ran into him and his family at a  local restaurant last week, and I stopped to talk to his mom for a  bit.  He kept interupting to tell his mother things..  This  particular child has other problems than just being Deaf, and is  difficult to understand, even if you are fluent in sign.  I watched  for a minute...  He was talking about signwriting, and that when  you make an E, its a black square with a line where the thumb  goes.  He was trying to show his mom signwriting.  So I explained  to her what he was saying, and then what he was talking about.  I  also briefly explained that we were teaching the kids at GSD as an  experiment to see if it would affect their English literacy..  She  was very interested, and asked for more information, which I  promised to send home with the student.  I went back to my table to  eat with my daughter.  All thru dinner, the student kept popping  over to our table to show me something else he had written on
 his  napkin.  The attached picture is his napkin.  It is very hard to  read, being pencil on brown napkin, but you can see where he showed  the 6 palm facings for an open hand.  My name is to the far left,  upside down.  His sisters' names are on there, as is 'mother.'


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