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CWren at DOE.K12.GA.US CWren at DOE.K12.GA.US
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I would bet the dash offered so many options because it connects to the 
'search by word' feature, and many signs have dashes in the gloss/word the 
sign in this I would label as 'WHATS-UP'

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[sw-l] Re: Signpuddle 1.5

This is Great! Worked smooth after an initial time-out connecting to the 
server. I tried the translate feature on "This is great! :-)" 
I added a smiley face just to see how the ASL Signpuddle would handle it. 
I love the ability to choose which sign to use but was baffled when the 
"-" in the smiley face gave me a huge number of signs to choose from. I 
couldn't see just a dash. Is this a feature? :-) 
Also, the closing parenthesis looks more like an opening one, but I'm not 
that familiar with punctuation. 
I did see a lot of "?" in the sign options and am assuming those are signs 
that need cleaning up. 
Altogether, it looks nice and worked fast and intuitively for what I did. 

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