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Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sat Mar 31 04:58:27 UTC 2007

SignWriting List
March 30, 2007

Ronald Dettloff wrote:
> Thanks, that means I can do my translating without being online,  
> correct? I ordered one anyway because I love SW and I love working  
> with SignPuddle; it is sort of an addiction that only the addict  
> can appreciate.

Hello Everyone, and Ron!
Thank you for your order, Ron, of the PocketPuddle. I have received  
it. I will send it to you early next week...It is a wonderful  
product, especially for the PC, which you have I believe...

Just want you all to know that the CUNY Linguistic Conference has  
gone very well. We setup a SignWriting table near the Poster  
Presentations. Today was the special day focusing on Sign Language  
linguistics, and we watched presentations by many well-known linguists.

Adam Frost and Kelly Jo Boal have been here helping me at the  
SignWriting Table. And we have also had good meetings with  
Signwriters from New Mexico, the UK and some new interest from  
educators in the Netherlands, and several researchers have discussed  
how we search our two database programs: SignPuddle 1.5 and SignBank  
8.5. A very interesting day!

Tomorrow I will be teaching SignPuddle and SignBank to two teachers,  
and then on Sunday the same again to two others. So we are having  
full and interesting days here!

I can see there are many questions about SignPuddle 1.5. That is  
exciting to see the flurry of emails!

THANK YOU, Steve, for all you are doing for us.

Have any of you followed the 32 new videos I created with instruction  
on how to use SignPuddle 1.5? Go to:

SignPuddle 1.5 Video Instruction

Anny - if you are having trouble re-writing the 15 signs or so that  
did not get transferred, I am a fast writer and will be happy to re- 
do those for you...

And the same for the missing accents in the spoken languages....If  
you open two web browsers simultaneously...Open FireFox and Internet  
Explorer at the same time. Place the two open programs side by side.  
In Firefox, open SignPuddle 1.5. In Internet Explorer, open  
SignPuddle 1.0.

Using SignPuddle 1.0 as the reference, make the changes in SignPuddle goes pretty fast!

Since I will be teaching in the next two days, I will not be very  
active on the List until next week...but I am looking forward to  
teaching you all these wonderful programs...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Val ;-)

PS. I love the new Translate Feature in SignPuddle 1.5. It is nice to  
see all the different choices side by side like that...for the same  
word-gloss...that is a cool new feature, Steve!

And the Symbol-Frequency searches are greatly we can  
search for Movement Symbol frequency, and Facial Expression  
frequency...I used that today when demonstrating at the conference  
and it was impressive to see how many signs used eyebrows up, for  

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