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Tue May 1 01:23:16 UTC 2007

My personal general rule for contact placing (could be entirely wrong but for what it's worth) is that the handshape that is doing the contact has the contact symbol on the opposite side of the contact. So if you look at both Stuart's and Cindy's sign name, you see that the double touch is opposite of the actual contact (releative of course). 

Just my 2 cents thoughts. 



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April 30, 2007

Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> An example is already in the ASL dictionary under Stuart. There is  
> one written as I have always written it, and then this new (old)  
> way. Hmm. I am curious why you and others picked under?  
> Standardization makes computers happy so that is why I ask ... even  
> if it means I have to change the spelling of my name. :)
> On another note, I am fine with my photo being posted as well.
> Stuart


Thanks for permission to post your photo ;-)

And there is no standard on this contact-placement issue...

It is your name and of course it should be written as you feel is Stefan, can you change Stuart's name to this please? ;-)

Why did Lucinda and all of us at the time, write her name this way?

I suspect it must be connected with the fact that the C handshape is  
low on the face, rather than high like your name...

Maybe it feels better placed high in your name because it is near the  
top of the head?

A rule could develop from this, placing the stars above when the hand  
is high and the stars below when the hand is low?

And what would be do with hands directly to the side of the face?

I was playing around just now...what placement would you suggest for  
these make-believe signs? They are only touching twice...but with  
different choices as to the placement of the contact stars...

Your thoughts?

Val ;-)

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