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>April 30, 2007
>K.J. Boal wrote:
>>I personally put the contact symbols as close to the point of  contact as 
>>possible.  So, I have them under the handshape if it's  at the top of the 
>>head, over the handshape if it's at the chin, and  as for the side of the 
>>face... I'd usually have the contact symbols  above the handshape because 
>>you tend to make contact with the  fingers, not the thumb or the heel of 
>>the hand.
>Actually, Kelly Jo, in this case, there are rules...if I have  understood 
>correctly what you said above, it sounds like you are  placing the contact 
>stars right next to the area of contact with the  hand separated from the 
>position of the contact? If I have  misunderstood your words above, please 
> me a  great excuse to explain the Position of 
>Contact once again! ;-)
I can see how it sounded like I would be saying that, but no... I don't 
separate the hand from the position of contact.

><< Picture16.png >>

>The Position of Contact rule is very important as you know. The  contact 
>stars cannot get in the way of the Position of Contact.  We  write the 
>hands right next to the face, without the contact symbols  in the way, 
>because we are writing the way it looks in real life, and  then the contact 
>symbols are put around that Position of  we have been 
>discussing once the hand is close to the face, then do  we put the contact 
>stars above or below?

I understand... what I should have said is that I usually put the contact 
stars above the hand, because it's usually the top area (the fingers) that 
touch the face; it makes sense to me that the contact symbols should be as 
close AS POSSIBLE (that is, without interfering with Position of Contact) to 
the part of the hand and the head that is actually making contact.

The exception is when there's a movement symbol associated with it, like a 
down arrow; then I have to put the contact symbol either under the hand or 
on the opposite side of it so the arrow can move off the contact symbol.  (I 
just find that arrangement easier to read.)

I'll send examples via SignMail in a bit...

>There is a web page that describes The Position of Contact Rule. It  is 
>explained in detail here...
>Position of Contact Rule
>see screen capture below

><< Picture15.png >>


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