AW: [sw-l] Sign Names in SignWriting ;-)

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Tue May 1 08:27:22 UTC 2007

Hi Valerie, Stuart, ... friends

yes I changed it to the way Stuart used to write his name sign - contct
stars above the fist.
By the way - I would vote for this version as well - smile - 

Perhaps it is more kind of feeling. Just as we decide to focus on the thumb
or babyfinger while writing the rotation movement ... 

But there are definitely a couple of sign like "know" and others where a
"design" with contact star above the hand feels better - 

Stefan :-)

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SignWriting List
April 30, 2007

Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> An example is already in the ASL dictionary under Stuart. There is  
> one written as I have always written it, and then this new (old)  
> way. Hmm. I am curious why you and others picked under?  
> Standardization makes computers happy so that is why I ask ... even  
> if it means I have to change the spelling of my name. :)
> On another note, I am fine with my photo being posted as well.
> Stuart


Thanks for permission to post your photo ;-)

And there is no standard on this contact-placement issue...

It is your name and of course it should be written as you feel is Stefan, can you change Stuart's name to this please? ;-)

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