Contact symbol position where?

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May 1, 2007

On Apr 30, 2007, at 9:05 PM, kjoanne403 at wrote:
The first three are the way I would write them. The next three are,  
if I understand you correctly Adam, the way you would write them  
(opposite the position of contact), and the last three make the least  
sense to me. However, if the Deafies on the List and the DAC agree on  
something other than my choice, I'm willing to be flexible. :-)


I want to thank you, Kelly Jo, for a very interesting chart with all  
these signs...interesting to see them all together...

It created a valuable discussion!

I still think that Adam's original idea has some merit, and I believe  
there is a logic to it, but let's give it a rest to see later what we  
all think..

Sometimes, when we wait and re-look at something later, we can see it  
in a new light...

but just for me, there are two signs that mean something different to  
me...number 2 and 5 in the attached...

And thanks for this great diagram!  Val ;-)

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