SVG version of our IMWA symbols

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sun May 6 21:53:14 UTC 2007

On May 6, 2007, at 2:13 PM, Sandy Fleming wrote:
> As I explained in my mail to Charles, the stick figure is only to be
> there if the user wants it, and it's never printed. Moreover, when a
> sign has been completely typed, the stick figure is moved on for  
> typing
> the next sign, and the typed sign is formatted to take up only the  
> space
> it needs. The stick figure isn't part of the sign, it's just an  
> optional
> typing aid (like all the other light blue stuff such as a grid or the
> symbol orientation line I suggested above).
>> I think the ISWA is a wise change...I am tired of seeing Skateboards
>> in the SignWriting symbolset!
> Skateboards?! Where are my juggling clubs? Where's my unicycle?  :)
> Sandy

Hello Sandy!
Thanks for this message. Actually, I have written jugglers before in  
circus routines, with props, and I have written people's movements  
while on bicycles with Movement Writing. Once I was hired to write  
the difference between subtle body language of an autistic child  
versus a "normal" child....just the rocking back and forth they do,  
having nothing to do with Sign Languages...and I am sure you have  
seen the writing of archeological studies in Movement Writing?  
Researchers in the sciences are now thinking of using Movement  
Writing to write the movements of weaving cloth in ancient cultures.  
Here is Viking wood carving movements:

Movement Writing for Scientific Gesture Research

So the IMWA is a way to write all human, animal and insect movement.  
I have written movements of dog's tails waving and the body language  
between five hearing people having a conversation in a living room  
and how their bodies related to each other...and of course I have  
written huge full ballet scores...preserved the Royal Danish Ballet  
system of training...thousands of DanceWriting documents...and  
trained 80 teachers of DanceWriting...

It is another world...

and there is SignWriting...which uses around 75 percent of the  
symbols and is not applied the same, but certainly can be read by  
anyone who knows DanceWriting, and signers can read DanceWriting too!

Someday, just to have a DancePuddle...exactly as Steve has it  
today...but with all the IMWA symbols for writing dance....that would  
be a dream come true...but right now...we all agree that the ISWA is  
what we need for the world...and for UNICODE...

SignWriting is a part of Movement Writing, but SignWriting does not  
have to incorporate all of Movement Writing...

Bu enough!

I like your ideas very much and will wholeheartedly try to make your  
work easier if at all possible with the ISWA...

Val ;-)

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