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>You really are getting better. You mentioned that the first part was
>difficult, but I think that you wrote it very well. I couldn't have done
>better. (I think that there were a few "spoonerisms" here.) And we have 
>talking about the "do-do" sign which I think that is very well written. 
>I said before, I was able to read it without much trouble before even 
>the video. The only change that I would do with this is the sign that you
>have for still. You probably could keep that palm facing that you have, but
>I would suggest that the non-dominate rotation be flipped as I have it. I
>could be wrong in that it needs to be, but it just feels like it should. 
>me know if I am wrong, Val.

Thanks for the compliment, Adam!

That may technically be the beginning position for how she signs STILL... I 
should have put the hands at the ends of the arrows to show that was the end 
position, but I think my rotation is right.  I'll fix that soon...
>On 5/4/07, kjoanne403 at <kjoanne403 at> wrote:
>>I wasn't sure quite how to write the "do-do" sign, so this is my best
>>guess on it... I'm not sure it really shows that the index finger touches
>>the others. I think that's the main thing that gave me trouble on this 
>>Well, that and the beginning sequence, the first three signs. Everyone was
>>reeling in shock after the evil fairy left; it's obvious when you watch it
>>on video, but tough to write!
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