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>Fourth sign should be alternating.

Yes it should!  I remember noticing the mistake, too, but obviously I forgot 
to fix it.  Oops!

>Second sign, second column is written as tell,

Is not!  TELL has a palm-inward facing, and I distinctly wrote palm-out for 

>but the video is signed as
>order.  I would write order this way (see attached).

That looks like a more formal sign to me... let me double-check the video, 
but I'm sure she skipped the rotation and touched the back of her finger to 
her chin for this sign.

Yes... it's hard to see on my screen, but I'm sure there's no rotation 

>Same column, fourth sign, I would have the handshapes with a break to be 
>the floor plane rather than the wall plane.

You're right... I missed that.  I really need to trust my handwriting!!!

>Can I give more complements? :-)

Compliments are always welcome! :-)

>On 5/4/07, kjoanne403 at <kjoanne403 at> wrote:
>>I think I made a mistake in writing THINK HARD... and I need those "large
>>sign" and "slow" dynamics for both AREA and SPINNING WHEEL. Val? I know
>>there's a "slow" dynamic symbol somewhere, I just don't know what it is. I
>>don't think I've seen anything about a "large sign" symbol.
>>Load message into SignText
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>>f9ee96b26cd99bfc685f9bc8ab0813d4 = f9ee96b26cd99bfc685f9bc8ab0813d4

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