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Odd that fingerspelling - which is tied directly to English, would be preferred to inital + calendar, which is much more of  mime. 

Adam Frost <icemandeaf at> wrote: You are right that the ASL Community prefers the abbreviations over these signs. Whether they started before SEE came about as regular ASL signs or not, they have been regarded as SEE signs and rejected as such. People will still use them, but it is not looked upon positively. 



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Yes, I've seen all the months signed that way... as a matter of fact, I 
first learned to sign them that way, and started using the more common 
fingerspelled abbreviations later.  I saw them again in a Signing Exact 
English dictionary a couple of years ago, too.  I believe the ASL community 
prefers the fingerspelled abbreviations, though.

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>I found these signs in an old sign textbook published in the early 1920s in 
>a second-hand bookstore in Baltimore.  Has anyone ever seen these signs 
>Charles Butler

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