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That is interesting, because it was my understanding that all of the  
initial base signs for SEE were in fact ASL and then they initialized  
these base signs to derive words of similar meaning or sound in  
English. So it is very possible ... maybe probable that these signs  
were ASL first but because of association with SEE and the fact that  
SEE emphasized initialization, they were rejected along with SEE  
initialized signs. Perhaps a case of throwing out the baby with the  
bathwater. I find this humorous sometimes because many of the signs  
we borrowed from French Sign Language are initialized signs ... in  
French. :)

This doesn't mean I support SEE or the use of initialized signs. ASL  
has a rich system of developing words. But I am talking about these  
historical signs.



On May 9, 2007, at 20:02, Adam Frost wrote:

> You are right that the ASL Community prefers the abbreviations over  
> these signs. Whether they started before SEE came about as regular  
> ASL signs or not, they have been regarded as SEE signs and rejected  
> as such. People will still use them, but it is not looked upon  
> positively.
> Adam
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> Yes, I've seen all the months signed that way... as a matter of  
> fact, I
> first learned to sign them that way, and started using the more common
> fingerspelled abbreviations later.  I saw them again in a Signing  
> Exact
> English dictionary a couple of years ago, too.  I believe the ASL  
> community
> prefers the fingerspelled abbreviations, though.
> KJ
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>> I found these signs in an old sign textbook published in the early  
>> 1920s in
>> a second-hand bookstore in Baltimore.  Has anyone ever seen these  
>> signs
>> before?
>> January
>> February
>> March
>> Charles Butler
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