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Thu May 10 03:45:13 UTC 2007

It's a reaction against SEE... probably, if SEE hadn't been forced on the 
Deaf community by hearing educators, initialized signs would be more 
accepted.  As it is, there was a huge movement not very long ago to get rid 
of as many initialized signs as possible and replace them either with a 
different sign or fingerspelling.  For example, I originally learned to sign 
LIVE with two L-hands, but now ASL users prefer A-hands.  CAR, TRUCK, VAN 
and BUS were all initialized signs when I first learned them - and 
interestingly enough, the native ASL-signing child I interpreted for last 
year used these same initialized signs - but for many adults, the preferred 
sign for CAR, TRUCK and VAN is a mime of holding a steering wheel, and BUS 
is fingerspelled with a little bounce toward the dominant side of the body.

All part of natural language development...


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>Odd that fingerspelling - which is tied directly to English, would be 
>preferred to inital + calendar, which is much more of  mime.
>Adam Frost <icemandeaf at> wrote: You are right that the ASL 
>Community prefers the abbreviations over these signs. Whether they started 
>before SEE came about as regular ASL signs or not, they have been regarded 
>as SEE signs and rejected as such. People will still use them, but it is 
>not looked upon positively.
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>Yes, I've seen all the months signed that way... as a matter of fact, I
>first learned to sign them that way, and started using the more common
>fingerspelled abbreviations later.  I saw them again in a Signing Exact
>English dictionary a couple of years ago, too.  I believe the ASL community
>prefers the fingerspelled abbreviations, though.
> >From: "Charles Butler"
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> >Subject: [sw-l] Signs Found
> >Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 16:07:14 -0700 (PDT)
> >
> >I found these signs in an old sign textbook published in the early 1920s 
> >a second-hand bookstore in Baltimore.  Has anyone ever seen these signs
> >before?
> >
> >January
> >
> >February
> >
> >March
> >Charles Butler
> >
> >
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