TrueType Font for Mundbildschrift?

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu May 10 18:25:58 UTC 2007

SignWriting List
May 10, 2007

Stefan -
Do you have a TrueType font for Mundbildschrift?

I am sure you probably thought of this long ago!!

The typist could type German words, or English words, and get the  
symbols for the Mundbildschrift instead?

Does Mundbildschrift have a one-to-one correspondence with each  
letter on the keyboard?

A little like typing fingerspelling with our TrueType  
could type a spoken language and the fingerspelling symbols appear...

Fingerspelling Fonts

If you have a Mundbildschrift TrueType font, could we receive  
permission in some way, to allow people to use it? Whatever you want...

I told people about Mundbildschrift yesterday at my presentation and  
there was interest in it...

I think a way to type Mundbildschrift, by typing spoken language on a  
normal keyboard, could spread the idea that lip reading can be read  
visually on paper now..

Val ;-)


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