AW: [sw-l] TrueType Font for Mundbildschrift?

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Thu May 10 19:25:59 UTC 2007

Dear Valerie, 

"Do you have a TrueType font for Mundbildschrift?"

yes - of course - smile I use it almost every day in my lessons. 

During my kindergarden - workshop the persons who were allowed to use it
felt thrilled to see the "miracle" that typing on the key for the capital A
will lead to a Mundbildschrift Symbol that represents a long vowel "A"
while pushing the key for the lower "a" will show the "Sound-symbol"  for a
short "a" 

Well I even constructed/designed the appropriate combinations for the
english sounds - as far as we German would pronounce it - smile - 

One problem is - that Birgit asked a layer for the patent on this Font and
that is the reason that I hesitate to offer it for free download on the
website ... 

Birgit has take a high financial burden to print the "Handbuch" and we still
are far away from the point that she gets her moneay back. So I would like
to apologize and to count on your understanding that I should try to support
her whereever I can to get her money back ... 

But what would and should be possible is to just offer a TT -Font sample
that shows ssome of these Mundbilder so that you can see what it looks like
to write "danke" or "thanks" ... 

And - no - it does not go along with the keyboard - it is much more
sophisticated and complicated and that is the reason that Mundbildschrift
will become very popular and successful at schools and at speechtraining
facilities. That i the point that the hearing who got familiar with the way
how we try to represent speech sounds with letters do not reflect the aspect
that often you cannot trust your ears ... So in the future Mundbildschrift
will offer a first step to focus on the auditory aspect of a spoken word and
afterwards the student will have to learn the standard for the transcription
in letters!  This is a very exciting and psychologicaly most interesting
aspect of this invention. It will support in the future not only deaf
children but more likely hearing children with problems in writing and
spelling ... 

So I had to create a new chart that comes along with the TT-Font which will
show where to find a given Mundbildschrift-symbol that goes along with a
specific given sound - examples of words with this sound will be included. 

"I think a way to type Mundbildschrift, by typing spoken language on a  
normal keyboard, could spread the idea that lip reading can be read  
visually on paper now.." 

Ja absolutely and that is what people in this field attracts to this new
branch ... 

Stefan ;-) 

(hopefully my english is good enough that there is no risk for emotional
disturbance or misunderstanding - just give me the bonus of understanding
and read between the lines - 

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May 10, 2007

Stefan -
Do you have a TrueType font for Mundbildschrift?

I am sure you probably thought of this long ago!!

The typist could type German words, or English words, and get the  
symbols for the Mundbildschrift instead?

Does Mundbildschrift have a one-to-one correspondence with each  
letter on the keyboard?

A little like typing fingerspelling with our TrueType  
could type a spoken language and the fingerspelling symbols appear...

Fingerspelling Fonts

If you have a Mundbildschrift TrueType font, could we receive  
permission in some way, to allow people to use it? Whatever you want...

I told people about Mundbildschrift yesterday at my presentation and  
there was interest in it...

I think a way to type Mundbildschrift, by typing spoken language on a  
normal keyboard, could spread the idea that lip reading can be read  
visually on paper now..

Val ;-)

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