SVG version of our IMWA symbols

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sat May 12 17:59:47 UTC 2007

Charles Butler wrote:
> I hope, however, we will always have a choice in rendering SW as  
> horizontal or vertical, precisely for use in classrooms where one  
> is trying to compare grammar for a horizontally written language  
> and a vertically written one.  I know we miss lanes with that, and  
> that is an essential feature of sign language, not really sure how  
> to point out that other than both vertical and horizontal  
> renderings.  One does that with Chinese or Korean, where a word or  
> meaning is compact in the Chinese or Korean and then expanded in  
> the English or other alphabet.
> Fingerspelling compared letter for letter, sign cluster for  
> grammatical phrase, there will always be a good reason for  
> horizontal possibilities, even with vertical preferred.

Yes of course we will always need this kind of flexibility.

Right now, with the current software, we can create left-to-right  
documents by using a Word program, doing layout of each sign left to  

Or you could use the old SignWriter DOS or SignWriter Java  
programs...type something from left to right, and take a screen  
capture of the writing and use that as a diagram in your Microsoft  
Word document...

So why not use SignWriter Java for horizontal writing, and SignPuddle  
1.5 for vertical writing?

SignWriter Java

SignPuddle Online

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