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Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Mon May 14 13:48:16 UTC 2007

Hi Charles,

Automatic conversion to fingerspelling will return someday.

However, I believe most Asian sign languages use palm spelling, where 
they draw the word on the palm when there is no appropriate sign.


Charles Butler wrote:
> I guess what I am saying is that now it's coming up question marks 
> when an alternate would be to fingerspell the term (which often 
> happens in ASL).  It might not happen in other signed languages. 
> Charles
> */Sandy Fleming <sandy at>/* wrote:
>     On Sat, 2007-05-12 at 10:32 -0700, Charles Butler wrote:
>     > Vertical fingerspelling. Will the old system that took anything
>     > written in spoken language that did not have a sign and put it into
>     > default fingerspelling be reincorporated? It would certainly help.
>     >
>     > Charles
>     Charles, I would store fingerspelling as the corresponding letters
>     inside the computer, so that you can switch between the two renderings
>     just the same as you could switch between any other sort of rendering.
>     I hope I'm not giving the impression that this is software I've
>     actually
>     written yet! The more I discuss it here, the more I put it off, so
>     that
>     I understand what sort of things we really want before I start.
>     But it's
>     not time wasted, getting as much as possible right, before I start!
>     Sandy
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