Old SignPuddle 1.0 Dictionaries...

Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod acpg at VTXNET.CH
Mon May 14 19:23:15 UTC 2007

here (french speaking part of Switzerland) we decided to ask people  
to use only the new Puddle 1.5 and not add signs into the old one...  
any more (
it's difficult to have two almost same dictionnaries running at the  
same time)- >as far as the swiss-french dictionnary you can get  
Puddle 1.0 down! we won't use it any more!

we don't have a lot of people adding signs for Swiss french LSF  
now... so I guess it's quite simple here...
  it might not be the case in other countries where much more people  
are involved into writing signs into the dictionnary.

I think another argument for getting Puddle 1.0 down is the space  
used for each of these dictionnary!! (that's more a techincal problem  
I guess!)


Le 14 mai 07 à 19:59, Valerie Sutton a écrit :

> SignWriting List
> May 14, 2007
> Hello Steve and Everyone!
> Guess what? I was slow to change all the web pages for each  
> country, to direct them to their new SignPuddle 1.5  
> dictionaries....plus some people still have old bookmarks for the  
> old SignPuddle 1.0 dictionaries...and plus some people may not feel  
> the need to change to SignPuddle 1.5...
> But the end result is that some of the old SignPuddle 1.0  
> dictionaries are still being used, and they are growing larger,  
> while the new ones with their transferred signs, are not growing in  
> SignPuddle 1.5...
> I wonder if we should change over officially to SignPuddle 1.5 now  
> and no longer have 1.0 on the web?
> I am not saying we have to do this...
> It might be a very bad idea to do that too..
> I am writing to ask you what your opinions are?
> Do you think we should all jump to SignPuddle 1.5 now?
> Or are some of you still using SignPuddle 1.0?
> Should we leave both on the web forever, or what is your opinion?
> Val ;-)

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