Sleeping Beauty page 23

Adam Frost adam at FROSTVILLAGE.COM
Thu May 17 06:41:40 UTC 2007

The only thing that I noticed that you seem to still be having a hard time
with is rotation, so I decided to make up a "tutorial" for you on rotations
as a reference guide. :-)

When I am working with rotations, I first decide if my arm is generally
vertical or horizontal. The rotation has the double and single stem for
vertical and horizontal just like arrows do, but the arrows with the
rotations will always be the opposite. So, a vertical rotation will always
have a single arrow, and the horizontal rotation will alway have the double
stem arrow. The next thing that I focus on is determining what arrow to use.
I do this by seeing what my fingers (or side of hand) are drawing in space,
and pretend that I am putting a regular arrow there.

So, Kelly Jo, because you are doing a transcription from a video (which you
do very well), apply this and see if you get the same rotation arrows that
you used in "Sleeping Beauty page 23."


PS If you need me to, I will make up a full tutorial on rotation arrows.

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> anything that gave me any particular trouble on this one.
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