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You are right that the sign DANCE had the wrong stem, but also take a look at the sign for FINISH. Which way to you have the arms moving? Out or in? 



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Thank you for the tutorial...  I'd actually thought that myself, that a 
single arm line means the arm is parallel to the floor and a double line 
means parallel to the wall, and from there you decide which way the arrows 

You're looking at the sign DANCE on this one, aren't you?  I guess I was 
fooled by the fact that my hand is vertical, even though the arm isn't.  
You're right, my mistake... :-)

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>The only thing that I noticed that you seem to still be having a hard time
>with is rotation, so I decided to make up a "tutorial" for you on rotations
>as a reference guide. :-)
>When I am working with rotations, I first decide if my arm is generally
>vertical or horizontal. The rotation has the double and single stem for
>vertical and horizontal just like arrows do, but the arrows with the
>rotations will always be the opposite. So, a vertical rotation will always
>have a single arrow, and the horizontal rotation will alway have the double
>stem arrow. The next thing that I focus on is determining what arrow to 
>I do this by seeing what my fingers (or side of hand) are drawing in space,
>and pretend that I am putting a regular arrow there.
>So, Kelly Jo, because you are doing a transcription from a video (which you
>do very well), apply this and see if you get the same rotation arrows that
>you used in "Sleeping Beauty page 23."
>PS If you need me to, I will make up a full tutorial on rotation arrows.
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>>It's been a busy week, but I'm back to it now... I don't think there was
>>anything that gave me any particular trouble on this one.
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