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You are right that most in the ASL community sign both the same, and you are right, Charles, that there is a sign that is used different for the sign PRINCESS. In the begining of the story, Darlene uses that sign only once. After that, she seems to disregard that sign. I don't know why. But, Kelly Jo, you did transcribe that sign correctly in the begining of the story. I am not sure how early it was though. :-)



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What signs were you taught, Charles?  I was raised signing them the same, 
but I've seen a different sign for PRINCESS in a SEE dictionary.  I don't 
think it's used in the ASL community, though.

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>I haven't seen the video tape, but I can follow the story, sort of.  I'm 
>curious that the signs for Princess and Prince are the same.  I was taught 
>two different signs.
>kjoanne403 at HOTMAIL.COM wrote:Sleeping Beauty page 24
>I don't think the first sign should be "decide", but that's very definitely 
>what she signed...
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