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>kjoanne403 at HOTMAIL.COM wrote:
>>A little over half done now... my biggest problem here is the last  sign, 
>>third column. The right hand makes a large semicircle and  goes under the 
>>left hand. There isn't a circle large enough in the  symbol set, so I used 
>>several arrows. It really is supposed to be  all one smooth, round 
>Hello Kelly Jo -
>No matter how many circle symbols I can place in the ISWA, we will  never 
>probably have all the sizes this was a very good  way of 
>showing the size of the circle is well done and I  assume it is 
>smooth and connected when I see this make  it jerky or 
>unsmooth, you would need tension or other symbols, so  since you did not 
>have that, I think this is fine...

Thank you! :-)

>I did not realize, however, that the movement went under the left  hand at 
>the end...that is not clear in the writing...

I know.  I wasn't sure how to resolve that without making the sign too 

>so we need to  discuss how to write the left hand over the right 
>wrist in  the ending position? You could place an arm line on the right 
>hand  and show the left hand on top of the wrist at the end if that is the  

><< Picture2.png >>

Yes, the sign ends with the left hand over the right wrist... but since the 
left hand is palm-down, how can you tell whether the arm line is above or 
below it?

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