Book "I SEE A VOICE" by Jonathan Ree

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Hello Shane, Val and everyone,

    I would like to obtain the book.  If you know anything about it, could 
you please tell me :

Title : I see a voice

Author : Jonathan Ree

Name of publisher/ edition (company) : ??

Date published : 1999

ISBN number : ??

    Best regards,


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> May 20, 2007
> Book "I SEE A VOICE" by Jonathan Ree
> I want to thank Shane Gilchrist from Belfast, who recommended that I  read 
> the book "I SEE A VOICE" by Jonathan Ree, published in I 
> purchased it through It is a hard-backed  book that is really 
> excellent, describing in general, the history of  deafness, speech 
> teaching and sign languages, mostly in European  countries and the western 
> world in general, for the past couple of  centuries...I have not read all 
> of it is a thick book...but  I have skimmed some of it....
> The author touches upon many subjects, including Bell's Visible  Speech 
> and Bebian's writing of signed languages. I particularly  enjoyed the 
> chapter called "Writing Signs", pages 293-308.  No  mention of SignWriting 
> or other systems that were developed in the  last half of the 1900's 
> however...;-)
> He did give particular focus to Roch-Amboise-Auguste Bébian, whom I 
> personally have always admired, bearing so many frustrations while 
> working as a teacher and writer with Deaf people in France in the  early 
> 1800s...Bebian fought against oralism and felt that signed  languages 
> deserved to be written...
> Roch-Amboise-Auguste Bébian
> Ree started with discussing the writing of dance and gesture,  including 
> the Feuillet system from France, which was a dance notation  system...and 
> the Austin system, which is similar to an Israeli  movement notation 
> system called the Eshkol-Wachmann System...I was  fortunate enough to meet 
> Noa Eshkol in Israel in 1984....but there  was no mention of the hundreds 
> of other dance notation systems of  course...impossible to mention 
> everything that is for sure...
> He discussed the oralists and how they looked down on the idea of  writing 
> signs, pointing out that it probably was not possible to  succeed with 
> writing signs
> I hope that our modern work with SignWriting will finally bring a  real 
> writing system to daily use...let us pray...we just have to keep  working 
> hard everyday ;-)))
> I hope Bebian is watching and smiling...many thanks to him and all  those 
> who came before us...
> And many thanks for suggesting this very fine book, Shane!
> Val ;-)

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