Basic calendar and clock in SignWriting

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Tue May 22 17:54:11 UTC 2007

On May 22, 2007, at 10:46 AM, Adam Frost wrote:
> Hmm, the days of the week and the numbers related are all in the  
> same column, so I never saw a need for the days of the week to be  
> colored to show the current day. Is it too confusing to have the  
> Sunday colored? I will have to send you a link to the calender that  
> I was getting the idea from (if I can find it).

Adam -
Don't bother with the link. It doesn't matter because for me the two  
colors are connected visually. So why not just make the Sunday  
without any color? That way we focus on the one colored date which is  

Val ;-)

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