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Jonathan duncanjonathan at YAHOO.CA
Tue May 22 22:58:53 UTC 2007

Steve Slevinski wrote:
> Hoi GerardM,
> Here's my thoughts of the different topics...
> SVG and printing
> -----------------------
> By the time SVG is ready, we'll be able to switch the printing for
> books and articles to use the better graphics.  There may need to be a
> conversion between the IMWA 1.3 and the SSS ID numbers used for the
> IMWA 2.0 (or is it 1.4), but we'll just need to keep a track of this.
I was thinking that the XML formats should also state which version of
the ISMA or IMWA it represents so that program that tries to display it
can decide how to convert or know if it can display the file successfully.

> Regards,
> -Steve
> GerardM wrote:
>> Hoi,
>> When it comes to Unicode, there are two questions relevant to me.
>>     * How do we get all the SignWriting symbols in Unicode.
>>     * Will having the SignWriting symbols in SVG help the move of the
>>       symbols into Unicode
>> I start off by stating that I am ignorant about SignWriting, but when
>> I look at the website I find fifty base figures that can be
>> manipulated in some fifteen ways. If I have this correctly, it means
>> that all symbols and UNICODE glyphs will be based on these. If this
>> is true, it may mean that we could start with a quality SVG and
>> result in a glyph that is acceptable for use in UNICODE. Obviously I
>> do not know and I am probably overly optimistic, but I am sure you
>> will tell me if I am.. :)
>> Thanks,
>>     GerardM


Jonathan & Yolaine Duncan
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