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Oddly enough, one of the other SW programs has the hands rotate on the wrist point rather than the center of the palm. It feels more realistic to me so that if you have two hands rotating in space you are more likely to find the exact point in which they would touch and release from each other if their rotation points were aligned.

Steve Slevinski <slevin at> wrote: Hi Jonathan,

Jonathan wrote:
> I was wondering why the symbols should be renumbered.  Maybe you could 
> give an example or two.
One example is the contact symbols.  They are all under the touch 
symbol.  Check out the ASL frequency report.

The contact symbols are used 1763 times in the ASL Dictionary.  However, 
these should be divided between touch, grasp, rub, ...

Symbol 02-01-001-01-01-01,78,166,

Symbol 02-01-001-01-01-03 should be 02-01-002-01-01-01,78,166,

>> The center of each symbol also need to be know for rotation.  
>> SignPuddle doesn't rotate properly. 
>     If the height and width where known for the symbols, the center 
> could be easily calculated.  The height and width of the symbols is 
> necessary to calculate the total height and width of the sign and the 
> center of the sign. 
The center of symbol 01-01-001-01-01-01 is not the center of the graphic 
but the center of the palm.,78,166,

Symbol 01-01-001-01-01-05 has the same height and width, but not the 
same center.,78,166,

> When there isn't a head in the sign, do you center it by the sign's 
> center?
Yes, that's what I've been doing.


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