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I think what s/he might be looking for is something I did when we were learning handwriting...  I got pictures of all the handshapes commonly used in ASL --with all 6 associated palm facings--  and put them on cards.  I have about 12 index cards (some groups took more than 1 card) numbered by group, and I flip to the card to figure out which way the fingers go on some of the more complicated handshapes, like the one in vacant/empty/nude.  I suppose I could do it on a two sided sheet.  Then, Val, you could sell laminated copies of these reference sheets to earn money for SW...  ::smile::   Another project to add to the list!  Is this person the cc address?  I could send her what I use as soon as I get back to work.  

I need to put all my SW stuff on a thumb drive, so I don't have to worry about whats there and whats here.  I also need to get a program here at home capable of doing what I do on Publisher at work.  


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May 26, 2007

Hello SW Listers!
I received this question yesterday...see my answer below...


> I used signwriting to make notes in my ASL class and when I am  
> looking up signs on-line.
> I'm trying to find a two-page reference sheet (e.g. when I cannot  
> remember how to do the middle
> finger for "empty"). I have search the web, but find nothing like a  
> PDF.
> I also want to show my class-mates what signwriting is.
> Any ideas ?


And thanks for this question...

You are looking for a two-page reference sheet listing all the  
handshapes in SignWriting that are used to write ASL?

Cherie Wren is developing such a chart, with each symbol placed next  
to the illustrations of the handshape. It is not ready yet.

But meanwhile, you said you need the handshape used to write EMPTY in  

If you go to

SignPuddle ASL

and search for the sign for will find this:

So the handshape is located under Group 8, for the Middle Finger....;-)

Val ;-)

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