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Adam Frost adam at FROSTVILLAGE.COM
Tue May 29 06:43:52 UTC 2007

First of all, I don't see the sign that you have written before the sign in
question in the first column. I see that as being apart of the sign that is
before it moving into the next sign, which is the sign in question. Now,
this sign, I see as something like the ones in SignPuddle.,4239&search=something&type=any
And the last sign in the third column is a down under rotation, not an up
over rotation as you have it.

That's all I have for comments.


On 5/28/07, kjoanne403 at <kjoanne403 at> wrote:
> I mostly had trouble with the first column, last sign. She signed it so
> fast... I wanted to make a little finger circle, but the options in SignText
> didn't seem appropriate. So I looked at the video again and re-wrote it the
> way you see. Do you agree, Adam? (Or do you have the video available? I've
> been copying straight off the DVD since Val sent it to me, so I don't know
> which video segment this is on.) Also, did I use the right rotation for the
> third column, last sign?
> KJ
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